Our Team

Elliott - The Big Boss

Elliott is Rebekah and Guy’s two year old Welsh Terrier and the inspo behind Elliott’s Triangles. When he is not being a high-flying CEO, he enjoys long walks on the beach, chewing squeaky balls and scratching the sofa...you know, life’s simple pleasures.


Rebekah - The Maker

Rebekah is a Northern Irish, ex-teacher with a passion for coffee, snowboarding and the colour mustard yellow. She is happiest when in the mountains or surrounded by animals. Her dreams include attending La Tomatina Festival, owning a Capybara or two and touring Iceland in a camper. She is married to Guy.


Bekah - Social Media Manager


Bekah is a Scottish girl who loves books and is never ashamed to ask if she can pet your dog. When she’s not taking care of ET’s social media, you’ll find her over on her blog! She is passionate about sharing her experience of living with mental illness and her love of good coffee. At the weekend, she enjoys scouting out the best brunch spots in Glasgow and beyond. If you see her, let her pet your dog - she will be delighted! 


Guy - Elliott’s Personal Assistant

Guy is the 2007 Fermanagh Cacti growing champion. He works in TV and spends his free time creating batches of home-brew, developing expired film or down in the allotment growing fresh produce. He spent his Childhood growing up in Hawaii, Japan, The Philippines and Ireland. He sews all the Space Llama triangles.


Larry - Chief Consulting Officer

Larry is Rebekah and Guy’s cat. He is a fearless and feisty tom. He loves opening doors, rolling in catnip and eating popcorn.


Maude - Quality Control Manager

Maude is Larry’s sister from another mister. She loves affection, sleeping in wardrobes and chasing that pesky red dot which appears out of the blue…her ambition is to one day be known as the cat that could actually catch it.


Bear - Chief Product Tester

Bear is Bekah’s cheeky cat and the official spider hunter of the household. When he’s not napping, he’ll most likely be begging for treats or trying to steal his parents’ ice cream. Despite his recent promotion to chief product tester and quality control expert, he’s managed to remain relatively humble and is always up for cuddles.